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Gut Renovation

We were flattered when asked by a  luxury builder we work with to design one of their personal homes, a mid century brick office building that they converted into their corporate office with a living space included. It was a total gut job, no real character to save on the interior so everything you see we designed into the new space!


Space for Living

This building had many lives; dentist office, insurance, etc. We wiped it completely clean and imagined a cozy bright. spot to get away. We always plan our living rooms for maximum seating, without feeling crowded. The floorplan is so important, and the first thing we start with in our design process.

Bedroom Bliss

The bedroom in this condo isn't large, but cladding the walls in walnut gives it a lot of drama and feels elevated. Wall sconces help keep the  the built in nightstands free and clear since they are small. I love love love the original art through LaFontsee Gallery paired with the Schumacher pillow.

Personality Driven

This bathroom has a modern edge, and we loved juxtaposing that vibe with the floral wallpaper. There are no windows in this room so it was important to add texture and depth with finishes.

This project was very much about mixing old and new, light and moody in one harmonious residence.  We had fun working on this little gem!

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