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In 2018, with over 30 years of experience, Jeff Remtema joined the Deidre Interiors team to integrate architectural services as part of a cohesive design offering. Born and raised in Michigan, Jeff studied architecture in California and Switzerland. He is heavily influenced by the Midwest sense of tradition and practicality, the innovative design ethos of Southern California, and the rich history and principles of European architecture. Jeff enjoys long-standing relationships with many contractors, consultants, specialty trades, and outside architects to bring projects to fruition.




Architectural Areas of Expertise

  • Pre-Design Due Diligence

  • Site Planning and Review

  • Master Planning

  • Construction Planning

  • Ground Up New Builds

  • Gut Renovations

  • Material Integration

  • Systems Coordination

  • Construction Documentation

  • Construction Administration

  • Seamless Coordination with Interior Design Team

Construction Documentation

Construction documentation involves creating comprehensive documentation necessary for construction. It may include detailed architectural drawings, structural drawings, mechanical and electrical plans, specifications, schedules, and any necessary permit or regulatory documentation. Good documentation is essential for communicating ideas, coordinating with project team members, and ensuring that the final built product meets the client's requirements and expectations.

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Systems Coordination

Systems coordination involves the integration of various building systems to ensure that they function efficiently and effectively together. Effective systems integration is essential for creating a safe, comfortable, and efficient built environment. We plan for and coordinate spaces for structure, equipment, ductwork, piping, electrical, and IT distribution throughout your home.

Construction Administration

Throughout the construction process, Deidre Interiors provides support services, including reviewing shop drawings, responding to requests for information (RFIs), conducting site visits, and addressing any issues that arise during construction.

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Pre-Design Due Diligence

All projects come with challenges and constraints. Pre-design due diligence involves a comprehensive assessment and analysis of various factors before the initiation of the design process for a building project. This critical phase ensures that the project is feasible, compliant, and aligned with your needs and goals.

Site Planning and Review

Site planning is the process of organizing and arranging the physical components of a site to accommodate a proposed project while considering various factors such as functionality, aesthetics, environmental impact, and regulatory requirements. Effective site planning requires careful analysis, thoughtful design, and interdisciplinary collaboration to create a site layout that is functional, attractive, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of users and the natural environment.


Master Planning

Master planning is a comprehensive and strategic process for the long-term development and management of potential projects. It involves analyzing existing conditions, defining a vision for the future, and creating a framework for guiding change over time. Master planning provides a holistic roadmap for decision-making, investment, and project priorities.

Material Integration

Material integration involves considering the properties, characteristics, and performance of different materials and integrating them seamlessly into the design process to achieve specific design objectives. Our expertise allows us to identify or incorporate appropriate materials for the right purposes, adaptively reuse existing elements, and create cohesive and harmonious built environments.

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