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The mission of Room to Renew is to uplift, restore and rejuvenate those who have dedicated their time and energy to taking care of someone with a special need or illness. We do this through designing a room in their home to make it a personal, beautiful, functional and relaxing retreat. Room to Renew is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit based in Grand Rapids, Michigan... 


What We've Done


Lori Hastings nominated her husband Dave to be our 2019 Room to Renew recipient, Dave has been her sole caregiver and, according to her nomination form, soul mate for the past 36 years. Lori suffers from a severe form of muscular dystrophy. Dave himself  suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Together they run Lori’s Voice, a nonprofit that provides support for special needs kids.

In her nomination Lori shared, “Dave is the most selfless guy you will ever meet. He struggles with severe fatigue, visual problems and numbness and tingling in his legs. He is not a guy to complain, this disease can often be invisible.”

In talking about a specific space where Dave could relax she said, “I would love to see him have a space where he can enjoy the west sunset, he is a huge fan of sunsets. We have a screened in porch, it would make a perfect little get-away room for him to relax in. With some TLC and an eye of a designer, it could easily be turned into a 4-season porch.”

When Lori was notified of the award for her husband her excitement was palpable. “Thank you so much. This is amazing. We are so grateful. Dave is so deserving of this. I am excited to see this project come together for him.”

We are so excited to renovate a room for Dave to rejuvenate and relax, stay tuned for the reveal later in 2019!

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