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Through our highly experienced team, we create a seamless and personalized design experience infused with warmth and fun. We craft inspired homes through a professional, hassle-free and enjoyable process. From new construction to renovation, design consultations, and furnishings, our team caters to your distinct needs with expertise and care.

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Our Design Process -
Your Dream Interior Design Project

We guide you through our collaborative and fun design process with a client-centric approach.

  • Discovery Call: Whether you fill out our inquiry form, email directly or give us a call - the first step is to connect by phone and start learning about your project! From there we schedule a consultation to meet in-person and dive deeper into how we can help.

  • Initial Consultation: Your journey begins with an initial consultation either at our design studio or your home. Here, you meet with our team to discuss your project goals, style preferences, and budget. We take the time to listen carefully to your needs, ensuring that we fully understand your vision before moving forward. This is where we take the time to “diagnose” the patient, then create our scope of work and fee proposal.

  • Information Gathering and Conceptual Design: After the Scope of Work and Fee Proposal is approved we get to work on setting up drawings from the architect or in the case of an existing home, measuring and photographing the space. After gathering all the necessary information including design inspiration, our team gets to work crafting a custom design concept tailored to your unique tastes. We present our ideas to you in a conceptual presentation, complete with mood boards, color palettes, and material samples. We review your anticipated financial investment with the build team. The number of meetings vary in this phase depending on the scope of work, revisions and client decision making process. Together, we refine the concept until it perfectly reflects your vision for your space. 

  • Design Development and Documentation: With the design concept approved, we begin detailed drawings, material documentation and proposals. We collaborate with you as the design is detailed to get your input on every nuance, ensuring that it meets your expectations. We work with the builder during this phase to deliver drawings and specifications for pricing. Final numbers are reviewed, revisions are addressed and with final approval the next phase begins!

  • Project Management and Purchasing: With the design finalized, construction and installation can begin. Our team collaborates with the builder to answer questions throughout construction, and we begin ordering all items under our scope. We work closely with our trusted network of contractors and artisans to ensure that the project stays on track and meets our high standards of quality.

  • Delivery: During this phase we organize all items under our scope for installation. After final cleaning by the builder we deliver all furnishings, install window treatments and art and accessories. This is where all the hard work comes to fruition! 

  • Reveal and Celebration: Finally, the moment you've been waiting for arrives—the big reveal! We invite you to your newly transformed space for a grand unveiling. Together, we celebrate the culmination of months of hard work and dedication, knowing that we've created something truly special. Our clients tell us what a joy this process is, and seeing it all come together is truly memorable!

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Our relationship doesn't end with the project completion. We provide a complimentary maintenance guide to ensure that your space continues to look and function its best for years to come. We are here for you well after the project is done, whether you need assistance with seasonal updates, or continued design advice, we're always here to help.

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Construction Planning

Thoughtful construction planning sets the stage for successful projects. Our expertise lies in coordinating with architects, builders, landscape designers, and interior designers from the outset. This collaborative approach informs every step of the process, maintaining timelines, and adhering to budgets while upholding our clients' quality and aesthetic standards.

What we provide:

  • Collaborate with your chosen build team or source talented partners.

  • Verify design timeline alignment with construction.

  • Coordinate material choices and availability.

  • Assess design details and financial investment.

  • Establish effective communication channels


Ground Up New Builds

Drawing from our experience in high-end residential and commercial interiors, we excel in new construction projects. Our systematic approach ensures meticulous attention to detail from conception to installation. By working closely with our clients and all involved parties, we deliver homes that exceed expectations.

What we provide:

  • Align interiors with architectural design for cohesion.

  • Review and refine floor plans for optimal furniture layouts.

  • Design kitchens, baths, and custom built-ins.

  • Select finishes, plumbing, lighting, and hardware.

  • Coordinate with construction teams for seamless execution.

  • Procure and inspect furnishings for timely installation.


Gut Renovation

Renovation projects demand careful planning and execution. With a focus on preserving historical integrity or transforming existing spaces, we navigate challenges alongside the build team. Our deep involvement ensures every decision aligns with the overall vision and budget, contributing to the longevity and character of each home.

What we provide:

  • Conduct pre-construction feasibility reviews.

  • Collaborate with builders on design-integrated solutions.

  • Ensure cohesive architectural and interior planning.

  • Coordinate design decisions with budget considerations.

  • Apply extensive knowledge of building codes and practices.


Floor Plans and Furniture Layout

Functional interior layouts are essential for a comfortable home. We leverage our expertise to optimize space utilization and flow, enhancing daily living experiences for our clients.

What we provide:

  • Prioritize function in design.

  • Incorporate structural considerations.

  • Tailor layouts to unique room sizes and usage needs.

  • Flexibility for accommodating diverse family dynamics.


Finish, Plumbing, Decorative Lighting, and Hardware Selections

Our comprehensive approach to selections ensures a seamless and enjoyable design process. With a keen understanding of our clients' preferences, budget, and timelines, we curate choices that reflect their style and vision.

What we provide:

  • Understand and distill clients' style preferences.

  • Provide feedback on function and durability.

  • Coordinate selections with the build team.

  • Offer out-of-the-box design solutions.


Kitchen and Bath Design


Deidre Interiors has won national awards for kitchen design and enjoys collaborations with local custom cabinet shops, cabinetry design studios and specialized build team millwork crews. We are passionate about the impact that well designed kitchens and baths have on a family home. Appliances, finishes, hardware, plumbing, and countertops are all designed to coordinate with a unique holistic vision for our clients.

What we provide:

  • Integrated design within overall project plan.

  • Collaboration with custom cabinet shops and build teams.

  • Holistic vision for cohesive design elements.

Furniture, Accessory, and Art Selections


We believe beauty and comfort go hand in hand, and a successful project is where every room is fully used.  We have been told repeatedly that our designs for furniture, window treatments, rugs, art, and accessories completely transform how our clients feel at home. Furnishing a home impacts our daily living to a great degree, and we carefully mix furniture, art and designs from different periods to create a space that is warm, inviting and spirited.

What we provide:

  • Create a holistic design vision that feels personal to each individual client.

  • Passion for furnishing homes that are stylish while using fabrics and finishes that are easy to clean.

  • Service driven process for ordering and installing with consistent communication on timelines.

  • Cohesive approach to mixing new, antique and vintage items.

Custom Furniture Design and Production


We have found that most projects benefit from custom furniture design. As the furniture plan comes together there are often specific pieces needed at a specific size, finish or style to compliment the rest of the design, and so custom is deemed the right fit to complete the room. We have experience designing seating, tables, casegoods, and screens from the ground up to suit our clients needs.

What we provide:

  • Design one of a kind pieces that fit seamlessly with our clients lifestyle.

  • Deep understanding of construction and comfort.

  • Experience coordinating with artisans and workrooms locally, nationally and internationally to bring ideas to life.

  • Experience in reading shop drawings and coordinating technical details.

  • Coordination of production timelines and installation.

  • Incorporates inspiration from travel,  antiques and vintage designs.

Antique and Vintage Furnishings

In 2023 Deidre launched Monroe North Imports featuring meticulously curated European antiques, vintage gems and one-of-a-kind objects. Traveling to Italy and France, Deidre personally shopped for their first collection, then managed importing the first 40 foot container.  MNI is guided by a love for discovery and homes with a soulful presence. Headquartered with inventory in Grand Rapids Michigan, Monroe North Imports sells to retail clients and design professionals, but prioritizes inventory for their Deidre Interiors clientele.

Purchasing, Procurement, and Installation

Our team manages the procurement and installation process for our full service projects. These items include furniture, window treatments, wallpaper, rugs, decorative lighting and accessories. We are magicians at making things happen, catching vendor mistakes, mastering the delivery schedule and wrangling shipping companies. We’ve delivered hundreds of projects and our process is second to none!

Construction Administration and Coordination

During construction of a new home, or renovation of an existing home we work closely with the build team on implementing the design. Site visits, last minute client design revisions, and maintaining communication on project schedule are all part of this important phase.

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