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There is no doubt art completely changes the way a home looks and feels. It can make a formal dining room quirky, a powder bath silly, or a guest bedroom memorable. Working with clients on this crucial layer in the home  makes or breaks the design! Discovering artists and finding the intersection between their passion and our clients personal style is such a fun overlap to uncover. See below for some of our thoughts on filling your home with art!


I purchased this Michael Schaeffer painting last summer and I absolutely love it! So many reasons why it works in my dining room. The artwork for this room needed to be large, as this wall can be seen through the entire length of the house, all the way from the front door. I wanted abstract and large gestures to it could be experienced from a distance.  Before having this piece framed we took it home to make sure it was right - I always recommend doing that when you can! Here, Tony; the talented installer from LaFontsee Galleries, and I are holding it up to check for height. It's a perfect compliment to all the rooms around it!


For this lake project we mixed a traditional cow painting over the fireplace with an abstract piece on the wall beside  it. We like mixing styles of art in a home for that "collected over time" feeling versus that "brand new all installed at once" feeling. As you collect art remember it doesn't need to stay in the same place forever . When you have a great mix, and love every piece it's easy to move them to other

parts of the house for a fun refresh!


This detail iphone shot is of original blueprints we had framed for a 1920's colonial renovation project. We love how the edges are imperfect and had the prints mounted  floating in a gold frame with a matt background to make the fragility pop. Texture and age, combined with this cobalt blueprint blue is so delicious!!

Part of adding art to your home is creating these highly personal moments. Bringing the past into the present in a fresh way. Remembering what has gotten us here and how we can build a legacy in our home that feels new and authentic. It could be family memorabilia, travel images, a sketch of your favorite beach spot - personal expression is a fun component to an overall art plan for the home!


The key to having a great selection of artists is to connect with a gallery you admire. In this very eclectic home we designed, the art direction could have gone many, many different ways! To discover what felt good we had several pieces brought out to try them. It is amazing how instantly something either resonates or it doesn't. We all loved the feeling this Saul  Gray-Hildenbrand piece evoked -the antique frame, unexpected pop of blue and red, the writing... This piece is part of his Presidents series, and my client wasn't in love with the topic so we decided to explore a commission of someone she loved,  her Grandfather.  


Designing a room that is primarily one color can be SO soothing. It becomes all about texture and drama! This painting by Charles Dwyer above the corner sectional in this living room is a stunning abstract landscape of a pier, with blues, blacks and hints of pink. It doesn't dominate the scene, but feels more like looking through a window. I love creating this effect!

Fill your home with art you love and artists you admire.  Be inspired every day and create a legacy of beauty!

All my best,


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